Custom Designed Animated Videos

As a graphic artist, I will make custom video ads for you with your

photos and input.

I have available to you, a large gamut of basic ads that I will customize

to your individual needs.  These will be usable by you ANYWHERE you

can use an MP4 video.  They will become YOUR videos - YOUR property

to do with as you please.

Here are some of the beginning idea types we can

discuss and "blend" into your direction and needs.  As time goes on I

will be introducing MORE and MORE of the other basics you can incorporate to these specialized video ideas for you.

OR just simply let me know what you are thinking and I'll design something for you to


Keep watching  -  more segment view ideas will develop

Your Personalized MP4 to keep and use
as often as you like!

Click the enlarge as in any YouTube video.

However you DO NOT necessarily have to

form these into a YouTube video, just use

wherever you can use an MP4 format.

As large as

approximately 1-2 minute Facebook size spots

Especially for your needs  - YOUR ART WORK, geared to draw attention to your viewers on Facebook or any other media using MP4s.
In this case, on my website, the use of MP4s work great because this site uses a YOUTUBE or VIMEO presentation platform  You can usually figure an $85 base rate plus $10 per segment in your video.  You can contact me via this website or at my Facebook page:

Only use this after a directed conversation with me, via PM,  Email or phone.


Art Videos
via secure pay


via THIS site


Flat $75 

per custom video

one time payment

per video, up to

1-1/2 minutes

(see lower right video)