​Black Gallery Wrap style - No frame - Can also be framed with Floater Frame or Regular frame

​Oak with Mahogany Stained Gallery Frame​​

Natural Oak Gallery Frame

Medium Golden Oak Gallery Frame

Framing Services


Announcing the use of a New

Custom Frame Supplier:
I currently am working more conservatively to remain simple, with only a couple of custom framing styles through a local Amish wood crafter.
HOWEVER -  I can still come up with a full variety of more designs if you wish. I have access to a wide variety of  designs and prices via my online choice supplier.  I would just need to work more closely with you to get the more specific frame you desire.

Local Amish built, real wood custom frames  (Currently I am custom staining and finishing to go with the artwork)  These GALLERY Frames are 1-1/4" deep


You will notice that I do not yet have any prices showing.

I am working with my Amish Frame maker to come up with final pricing.  Please bear with me as the pricing is coming soon, as well as the designs I've chosen.


J N Salsburey

PLEASE NOTICE:  These framing layouts are temporarily on hold until I REGROUP with another frame supplier

Floater Frame -  (showing) Medium Oak "Floater" with the illusion that the painting seems to float within the frame​​.

Frame is designed with usually a 3/8" outer stained area with an approximate 1/4" space the depth of the canvas all around the canvas with a black painted space at the interior base of the frame.