About the Artist

Kidron Ohio Artist is a actually a transplanted artist from Ottawa, Ohio, since 1974.  The  artist spent his first twenty years of life and first sparks of his interest in art and creating, at Ottawa, (Putnam County), Ohio.


Ottawa-Glandorf school system graduate, where I began

to work at honing my first love, creating images from my mind.


I then left after graduation to attend Columbus College of Art and Design after receiving a tuition scholarship, where I began to pursue Illustration.

Unfortunately I discovered I could not place the burden of having my parents being under pressure for helping to continue to finance college...

Ottawa Glandorf High School - Home of the Titans 

"Then I moved to Kidron, Ohio...

I met Shelley.  After almost 45 years together, I can't see

life any other way."

"Shelley has meant everything to me...

My life blood and inspiration

to succeed."

​"...I then made a tough decision to leave Columbus College of Art & Design after 2 years.​"

After finding the top-most love of his life...

Shelley became an inspiration and "most important part of my life" and my search for the artistry in me moved ahead.

It would be after many years and the addition of children that I discovered my longing for an update to the creative experience and attended The Art Institute of Pittsburgh Online, Division for the experience in the digital graphics world and Web Design.

My Vision

"My Vision has always been creating from my mind, but that is always being placed there by the one true creator.                I should imagine that shall always be the case. 

That being said, it is always my continual vision/bent to create something that is pleasing to others that was created within me by the one true creator. It is my hope that I have created something to which people can grasp as a connection to a memory or feeling they can fondly be reminded of with a connection to our creator .  .  . and I DO enjoy that!"​